Matthias Rath: 'It is the multinational pharmaceutical companies that control the world'

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Dr Matthias Rath's profile is not that of a typical doctor. His research work on the positive effects of lysine and vitamin C as alternatives to pharmacological treatments for some of the most serious diseases faced by mankind, including cancer, has brought him into open confrontation with the guardians of conventional medicine and with the pharmaceutical industry.

We discussed his natural therapies last month. On this occasion we talked to Dr Rath about his condemnation of the machinations of a number of major multinationals aimed at outlawing natural products as alternatives to pharmaceutical drugs via the so-called Codex Alimentarius , which is soon going to rule on the matter, and also on his decision to accuse US President George Bush and the major pharmaceutical corporations of ‘crimes against humanity' before the International Court in The Hague.

Matthias Rath argues that high blood cholesterol is not one of the main causes of cardiovascular disorders. According to him, this claim is just one more myth created by the marketing men in the pharmaceutical industry, this time to sell cholesterol-lowering drugs. If high blood cholesterol damaged artery walls, Matthias Rath argues, it would do so in other parts of our blood circulatory system. In other words, we would also have infarctions in the nose, ear, knees, elbows, fingers and any other bodily organ. But this does not happen.

Cardiovascular disease is virtually unknown in the animal kingdom, whereas among human beings it is the number one cause of death. ‘Why?', Matthias Rath wonders. The answer is that animals are able to synthesise their own vitamin C, whereas human beings cannot. The more vitamin C we take, Matthias Rath insists, the more collagen we will have, and thus greater stability in our blood vessel walls and fewer heart attacks. Animals rarely have heart attacks because their bodies produce sufficient quantities of vitamin C.

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The pharmaceutical industry, Matthias Rath claims, was created artificially by investors who, in order to make money out of disease, had to block non-patentable natural medical therapies to make sure that they were not available in any part of the world. It is a scientifically proven fact, argues Matthias Rath, that vitamin C is the main factor in preventing cardiovascular disease and many other disorders.

Two out of three people could probably have been saved from death over the past few decades if information about the molecules necessary for good cellular functioning which our own bodies do not produce had only been made widely known, insists Matthias Rath. Pharmaceutical industry executives, says Dr Rath, quake at the idea that the truth about their pharmaceutical trade in disease may come out. If this happens they would be held responsible for the deaths of millions of people from preventable diseases.

The pharmaceutical industry has deliberately withheld vital information that could have saved many people's lives, That is why we are beginning to witness people turning their backs on the pharmaceutical industry on a worldwide scale.

Research… but not at any price. Be successful, yes, but not at the expense of abandoning one's principles for wealth and power. It is clear that Dr Matthias Rath is a worthy disciple of Linus Pauling , the only scientist ever to receive two outright Nobel Prizes. First he received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry and later the Nobel Peace Prize for his involvement in bringing about the first ever disarmament treaty, the Partial Nuclear Test Ban Treaty of 1963. Pauling, one of science's true giants, discovered the molecular structure of countless organic and inorganic molecules, discovered the structural properties of proteins and identified the first genetic disease.

Over 20 years ago, when Dr Rath began to make his name as a spokesman for German medical students and formed part of the council of the World Health Organization (WHO) Medical Students' Association, he first met Linus Pauling. During this early period their relationship was based not on science but on a mutual interest in achieving peace and nuclear disarmament. However, years later Dr Rath 's research in the field of cardiovascular health led him to demonstrate the vital role played by vitamins. In response Linus Pauling offered him the post of the first Director of Cardiovascular Research at Pauling's California institute. Thereafter Pauling and Dr Rath became more than just scientific colleagues: they shared a common vision of a healthier and more peaceful world in which commercial interests do not take precedence over people's health. So it came as no surprise when, shortly before his death, Linus Pauling announced that his undoubted successor was Matthias Rath. We discussed Dr Rath 's scientific theories in last month's issue. This time we will learn about his struggle against the giants of the pharmaceutical industry.

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